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A New Road

A Brand New Eco Resort.

Panama’s Bocas Del Toro region has an unspoiled Caribbean feel and unique mix of Spanish and indigenous inhabitants. Tai Nuare Lodge is a new eco resort build to harmonize with both. We’ve given it a name, brand, and - coming soon - a robust digital presence.

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We Took The Road Less Travelled

Most resorts in Bocas Del Toro have a Spanish name that rightfully relates to the natural surroundings. After all, there is plenty of sol shining down and lots of olas to body surf in. But our client’s location and mission are different. This overwater bungalow resort shares an island with only one neighbor – an indigenous Indian village. ‘Tai Nuare’ means beautiful, harmonious life and expresses the desire of all of the island’s inhabitants to preserve a peaceful life while improving lives through sustainable development.

Authentic Eco-experience A Key Platform
Two Languages

Where Water and Harmony Meet

Tai Nuare is on an island surrounded by coral reefs. Guests will stay in overwater bungalows with glass windows to the ocean below and plenty of opportunities for aqua-adventures. Rich imagery will bring that to life on the web, on TripAdvisor and in other social media.

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An Indigenous-Inspired Brand.

We combined imagery seen in Panamanian embroidered cloth molas with a Rustic version of an upscale font used by a famous hotel brand. We added earth tones and other elements to give it a warm and friendly feel. For imagery, we leveraged high-quality renderings which will be replaced by photography as the resort builds out.

Results To Brag About
Results To Brag About
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