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The Elevated Campaign

As trending high-end movie theaters emerged, Silverspot Cinema became a frontrunner for quality in-theater dining, or as we like to call it, a theater for film lovers with an appetite. With chef-curated menus, plush reclining seating, and matchless seat-side service, Silverspot Cinema had all the ingredients for a successful campaign. That’s where we came in. Alongside their prime rebranding, we launched a full digital campaign for the ages: Elevate. Elevate the date night standard. Elevate family time. Elevate girls night. Elevate your movie experience. Targeting a market of individuals who steer away from the average get in the car, watch a movie, go home, type of night, we structured 3 digital tactics to reach the elite: Paid Social, PPC (Google Search), and Google Display. Our Facebook and Google Ads pros relentlessly strategized a media plan based on budget allocation, business objectives, target customers and optimal estimated ROI. Our creative team wordsmithed and crafted contemporary ads through skillful font usage and modern design elements to convey the brand’s innate sense of class, superiority, and mastery in the movie theater industry. Calls to action were clear and direct - Reserve Your Spot and Join Spot Rewards - shifting the consumer mindset to action. A compilation of it all truly, elevated the theater-advertising standard.

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