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Mary’s Brands

Leading The CBD Market

Colorado-based Mary’s Brands is a recognized pioneer in plant-based hemp and marijuana therapies and in early 2019 we became their go-to agency partner for all things digital. Our original mission was to turn a new brand direction into new CBD retail and wholesale ecommerce sites for Mary’s Nutritionals, and a push-to retail catalog site for Mary’s Medicinals dispensary line. In the span of six months, we executed and launched three custom websites and hit significant benchmarks including a near doubling of the ecommerce conversion rate.

 As we learned the brand and the nuances of this highly-regulated industry, we spotted new growth opportunities in an emerging, but highly competitive CBD space. With the help of our partners at Google and Facebook, we created a compliance-driven advertising platform that enabled Mary’s to advertise on the major ad platforms with ads quickly becoming nearly 30% of the overall source of sales.

 On this journey, we have honed our understanding of hemp and marijuana marketing regulations at the national and state levels, and become expert at navigating the complexities of advertising platform compliance and FDA regulations. The bottom line? If you’re looking for the battle-tested team in this vertical, we are it.


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