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Mary's Medicinals

Leading The CBD Market

Mary’s raises the stakes as one of the top CBD and Hemp-product companies, providing high-quality alternatives to medicine for all lifestyles (including your four-legged friends). Mary’s educates their consumers on the benefits of plant-derived products for health and wellness, and truly cares about their clients. The websites we’ve built for them evoke just that. We’ve created a B2C marketplace for all ecommerce-compliant Mary’s brands, including Mary’s Methods, Mary’s Nutritionals, and Mary’s Tails, as well as a B2C website for the regulated CBD products, directing consumers to local dispensaries for the Mary’s Medicinals brand. Additionally, we’ve built a fast, efficient B2B website for online wholesale orders, easing the user experience for internal teams and integrating payment processors and inventory management systems. We’ve leveraged our expertise in spirits and banking to help clients make best of a highly regulated industry.


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