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A Brand Bringing Italy To Your Kitchen

If it’s Italian…It's Flora. The Flora name is one you know, trust, and cherish. Why? Their consistency in delivering the most authentic Italian food products is unparalleled. Ranging from fettuccine pasta, homemade tomato sauce, and natural-to-its-core olive oil, to delectable biscotti, panettone, and more. Flora, guaranteed, is in your kitchen. All they needed was a digital presence. Cue ARSENL. While Flora Fine Foods continued to pioneer the industry, we joined forces with their current developers handling a fresh website reskin with the sharpest SEO-driven strategy we know. Right off the bat, our team of SEO-wizzes compiled a high-volume, low-competition keyword strategy as a foundation and our content producers took that and ran. For the onsite SEO portion, we created on-page keyword-driven copy for development and title tags/meta descriptions for all high-level pages (as we all know, crawlers don’t waste time - they look for: keywords within search engine content and keywords at the top of the page itself). Once that was locked and loaded, we continued to use the foundational set of keywords for monthly blog posting (recipes, thought leadership, seasonal favorites), a steady stream of content for back linking purposes - high domain authority backlinks, might we add - and guest posting on industry-specific websites. Now, where has that led us? Top 20 SERP positions for targeted keywords. 40% increase in Organic traffic year-over-year. I guess you can say, if it’s SEO…it's ARSENL.

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